For your time and interest of the Hotelier Agency.

The Hotelier Agency is a full service search firm serving the restaurant, hospitality, cruise ship, catering, retail and sales industries.
We provide assistance to our clients through a variety of service, each tailored to meet the unique needs and preferred recruitment method of each individual staffing professional.

If you prefer to do the screening and matching your self, and really just need help with the cost? Effective means of sourcing top talent, then our HR Research package is available for you in entired quantities, we will source candidates in a specific market from Indonesia that meet your predefined profile. You take over from there.

Executive search package targets corporate and mid-level managers currently in the specific position that you are looking for.
We can even target in the specific companies that you would like these candidates to come from includes full screening and matching activities to save your time and money.

Spot recruitment targets unit level management personnel according to the profile that you provide us, and in the specific markets where you need them.

Training and Certification programs are created specifically
for our clients needs.We meet those challenges for the
hospitality and retail sales with experiences in retail sales
and hospitality coupled with our years of experiences in
business english program,we can provide you with all the
advantages of a company that knows your industries and its challenges , high quality training and modern facilities, combined with the personal attention of dedicated consultants who wants to be your partner in your language training and we will work hard to ensure that you are satisfied with the result.

We at The Hotelier Agency firmly believe that our careful and detailed attention to do the screening of candidates ensures our success in finding the right candidate the first time.

This adherence to your specific profile and our screening methodology has been the key to our success. We would welcome the opportunity to work with your company any where you have needs.

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