he Hotelier Agency specializes on placement at all levels in the hospitality, retail and sales industries. We have successfully placed candidates in a wide array of positions from entry levels management to senior executive, we present a broad range of clients from local, regional and international organizations as well as maintaining contracts with regional five star placement agencies in key centers of Asia.

any agencies have recruiters and managers who have little or no real work experience in retail sales, catering, cruise ships, hotels and restaurant, The Hotelier Agency has professional who have worked in Europe, Asia and North America within all these industries and that is how we can screen, sort and ultimately select only those qualified candidates who are deserve needed by your organizations.

hy travel and waste the time in Jakarta of interviewing 250 candidates eventually to find out 240 are unacceptable as one our new clients recently experienced on a major recruiting trip to the archipelago. We surely provide the qualified candidates first for our clients, that is why we are internationally trusted

t The Hotelier Agency, our only focus is to find the best Indonesian candidates has to offer and match them with our clients needs.

hile other agencies are concerned about finding candidates with requisite job experience and who are willing to pay them a fee, We on the other hands are looking for those candidates that are seeking careers and long-term placement with our overseas clients, we screen and options of long-term placement with our clients.