Each program we provide our clients is unique to the needs of that client. Customization is the corner stone of providing a relevant progam in general we concentrate on two main programs with certification for each participant who completes and passes the exam at the end of the program.

Since each program is customized the length of our programs can be from 1 month to 9 months depends on the resources of our client and the time that participants have available. We recommend that 24 sessions of 80 minutes per session is a reasonable time frame for participants to establish results. A typical program would last from 8 to 12 weeks depending on a 2 or 3 sessions a week schedule of the total 32 hours.

Class Size
Classes would minimally attend of 10 to 16 participants. Others sizes can be considered by ideally a program is more effective with smaller group much easier to manage.

All required materials, teaching tools and books are provided to the participants.

Needs Analysis
The client is always the starting point for our work. We interview all participants, and then plan a course to suit each individuals level of ability and specific requirements, we will also visit your company to help you assess your language training needs.

Quality Control
Because we strive to achieve excellence in all we do, every instructor and course consultant is responsible for ensuring we deliver the highly trained standards we promise. This level of quality control is one of the reasons why so many clients come back to us.

Training Resources
At the Hotelier Agency we use the most up-to-date training aids to help improve comprehension, listening and pronunciation. We do also ask participants to bring along their own corporate literature and product information so we can use it as a relevant source material in lessons. All our client access to our wide range of resources either during class, or in their spare time.

We welcome all feed back if you are not 100 % satisfied with our service, we encourage you to tell us immediately, so we can put it right, we also conduct assessments during the course and upon completion, so we can monitor your progress continuously.

Both during and after the course, all clients receive personal language reports detailing how well they have progressed in their target language area. This records not only charts the progress you have made during your program, but enables us to design a follow up course, if you decide to continue your studies in the future .